WHO? StellarRX™ is a unique diversified healthcare company who partners with healthcare stakeholders to increase access to important medications, medical devices and patient support programs for vulnerable populations.


StellarRX™ leverages state of the art technology to increase access to essential Family Planning and Asthma options by providing medications and devices at the point of care free of charge to patients and providers.


StellarRX's™ goal is to deliver efficent access to highly effective medications known to improve population health while reducing health disparities and overall health care costs.



Using state of the art technology, StellarRX™ offers a collaborative approach with Fee for Service Medicaid and Managed Medicaid plans to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Our capabilities include targeting complex issues such as immediate patient access to highly effective medications, appropriate use of medication and medical compliance for vulnerable patient populations.

Our impactful point of care programs are aligned with important HEDIS measures to help you improve in two focus areas, Asthma control and Pregnancy planning-spacing, bringing maximum value to all stakeholders: patients, payers, hospitals and clinicians.

Our analytical capabilities provide up to date medication utilization and trend reports vital to your business planning.

Providers and Hospitals

StellarRX's™ innovative distribution process securely manages on site medication inventories for a broad array of Asthma medications and Family Planning products free of charge to hospitals, clinicians and patients.

Asthma controllers, rescues and devices are readily available for point of care use in outpatient and hospital settings enabling immediate patient starts and maximizing time for clinician-patient counseling.

All Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) are stocked and available in a single visit in both the out-patient setting and for immediate postpartum use, reducing the risk of unplanned pregnancies.


The StellarRX™ distribution model provides convenient single visit access to highly effective Asthma and Family Planning products free of charge to Medicaid patients who are disproportionately impacted by these healthcare challenges. Our approach saves time and money for patients and reduces unnecessary office visits. We recognize that patients are busy and often overwhelmed with life changing health events thus our creative patient-centric programs provide incentives and friendly reminders that encourage medication refills, prenatal and postpartum visits, well baby visits, and more.